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Chicago Executive Flight School offers introductory flights. These flights are a way for you to experience the joys of being a pilot through a "hands on" flight with a FAA Certified Flight Instructor. Capture the excitement of your Chicago Executive Flight School Aviation Adventure on video and digital stills! Choose from one of the packages when you purchase your flight and share your adventure with your friends and family!

To purchase an introductory flight for yourself or as a gift, begin by making your selection below. As soon as your order is complete, you can download your flight voucher right here over the web! You will see the download option when choosing your flight.

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Video Package #3

Video Package #3

SKU : Video_Package__3
Video Package #3:  $99
This premier package includes digital stills and video footage from all aspects of your experience including,
  • Preflight
  • Taxi
  • Takeoff
  • You flying the plane
  • Points of interest
  • A low approach (ATC permitting)
  • Landing and post flight interview
  • You’ll get to hear yourself: speaking on the radio, to your instructor and to Air Traffic Control as you pilot the plane!
  • We’ll also include a foreflight track log of the flight!

All certificates are good for up to two years from purchase, although we're sure you'll want to use yours right away! Scheduling flights is never a problem; we have 16 instructors, we're open 7 days per week, from 7am to 11pm, and we can always schedule a flight at a time that is convenient for YOU!

For a downloadable certificate, please choose the "Download PDF" option when adding a flight to your shopping cart. When you check out, your order confirmation page will show a link to your certificate. Click the Download Now button and save the file to your computer. You can then print the certificate and fill out the student's name. [Note - in order to view and print the certificate, you will need Acrobat Reader from Adobe. There's a pretty good chance this is on your computer already. In case it is not, you can download a copy for free from the Adobe Web site].

Flight vouchers are good for up to two years from date of purchase. Refunds can only be issued within 30 days of purchase (or until January 31st for holiday gifts). There will be a $10 refund fee for any returned flight lessons. Fuel surcharges may be applied at the time of flight.

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