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Each lesson contains an element of interesting and educational ground school. This ground school is done rain or shine. So, if after reviewing the weather information for the day, your instructor decides that it won’t be good enough to do the flight portion of your lesson, you will still do the ground school. Lessons are never cancelled due to weather.

Definitely! Please feel free to bring along a camera to document your Aviation Discovery Adventure. You will have opportunities to film before, during and after your flight, however, most people usually have such a fun and busy time during the flight that they don’t actually remember to take airborne pictures. Why not bring a friend to film?

All of our students can cancel reservations they’ve made, but cancellations must be made 48 hours in advance of your scheduled flight or you will be charged for one-half of the flight and instructional time that you have scheduled.

If this is your first time coming out to Chicago Executive Airport, we suggest that you try to arrive at Chicago Executive Flight School at least 15 minutes early to avoid any confusion. There is a white van with “Learn to Fly Here” in the parking lot.

Please dress for the weather as you will be outside for a portion of your lesson. The aircraft are pretty-well heated, but not air-conditioned.

Yes! The lounge area offers cable television, delicious popcorn and vending machines with a wide selection of goodies.

Yes! Reservations are required and there is a passenger charge for up to 2 people. Weight is a limiting factor so please make sure you call first if you have any doubts.

Tipping is not necessary, but if your instructor does an extraordinary job, then yes, you may feel free to show your appreciation.

Yes! We certify your flight time at the end of your lesson and will also discuss the easy process for learning how to fly! Our hands-on course is geared specifically for beginners.