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Chicago Executive Flight School (CEFS) is Chicagoland’s #1 flight school. Located at the Chicago Executive Airport, we have trained students to become pilots since 1994. CEFS has truly stood above the rest, focusing 100% on quality, safety, and time so you can be assured you are receiving the best training available.

Aside from our flight training, CEFS offers a variety of Total Immersion Flights. There is no better way to see Chicago! But our flights are not just scenic flights, they actually put you in command. You fly the plane with a certified instructor and are challenged by your instructor to do everything a pilot does before, during and after a normal flight. It’s not an experience to be missed!

We’re the only school in the area that is using GoPro cameras and Foreflight to record certain aspects of flight operations. This helps to show the student correct procedures as well as learn the language of aviation. The audio for the camera is linked to the intercom system allowing the student to record both the instructor and air traffic control. Foreflight allows us to trace the student’s flights as well as see the altitude read outs which is extremely helpful in performing maneuvers that require specific precision.

If you are interested in renting a plane, we have a fleet to choose from and our planes are kept in perfect working order by a team of full-time mechanics. A trip to Wisconsin, an excursion to Mackinac Island, or a relaxing flight around Chicago, we are your rental source.