Chicago Executive Flight School

About Us


Jim Kwasek, owner of Chicago Executive flight school, flew for the first time in a Cessna 150 during high school and from then on he knew he was hooked. While other classmates were participating in the usual high school activities, football, soccer and track, Jim was taking flight lessons and working hard to achieve his private pilot’s license.

After high school Jim attended Southern Illinois University and graduated in 1993 with a Bachelor of Science in Aviation Management and an Associate in Applied Science Aviation Flight degree. His experiences in aviation led him to envision a distinct flight school which would offer students a truly unique experience and would cater to their aviation goals on their schedule.

The Chicago Executive Flight School (formerly Palwaukee Flyers), was established in 1994 with only a single Cessna 150. Since then it has grown to be the largest flight school in the Chicagoland area specializing in adults and beginners and part time students. Operating year round at Chicago Executive Airport, (formerly Palwaukee Municipal Airport), the school’s 10 training aircraft offer both economical flight training as well as the adventure of a lifetime by allowing the students the opportunity to pilot these sturdy craft their first time out!

Continuing students benefit by Chicago Executive Flight School’s association with the Cessna Aircraft Pilot Center Program and through the many safety seminars put on by the airport’s pilot association of which Mr. Kwasek is President.



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